Transit Oriented Communities Overview

Living in Los Angeles can often have its ups and downs. Any LA native knows all about recurring congestion in traffic. As California’s population keeps on growing, the City of Los Angeles has passed an ordinance that has created incentives for developers and investors citywide.

In September of 2017, the City of Los Angeles adopted the “Transit Oriented Communities Program Guidelines” (TOC Guidelines). The TOC was created to help resolve the shortage in housing and specifically low income housing, using the new improved public transportation. It gives density bonuses of 50% to 80% and reduces parking requirements from flat 1 parking per unit (no meter size), to zero parking. In return, it requires the developer to provide from 8% to 25% low income apartments.

The goal is to build housing located in close proximity to major transit stops and to create less of a need for residents to rely on their vehicles to commute. The opportunity does not only benefit our community housing needs but also pushes investors to invest in these larger projects. 

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